One year on

It’s been a year since I started my passion project The Kitchen Sofa.

I would have never ever thought I’d keep it up for so long.

It’s been a year of scribbling down ideas everywhere, thinking about food all day every day, and lots of experimenting in the kitchen with disappointing failures and surprising successes.

It’s been a year of early mornings to cook and take photos, late nights to edit videos, long journeys on the tube to write blog posts, and weekends to learn how to code a blog.  

It’s been a year of inebriating power of doing something just for the pleasure of it.

It’s been a year of fear and pride in finding my own voice and sharing it with others.

I can’t remember my life before this little passion project of mine.

This year was so special thanks to you, trying out a recipe, giving me advice, sharing ideas, leaving a comment, joining the newsletter…supporting me along this bumpy ride.

I have no idea what the second year of blogging will bring, but I hope you’ll be there with me.

Cheers to more cake, pasta, plantballs…many recipes to come and all the stories in between!



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