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Tiramisu walnut coffee cake
Something Sweet

Tiramisu & Walnut Cake

I present you my tiramisu walnut cake: what’s better than an Italian-British combo (like me :D)? This cake is a celebration of two amazing staple desserts – the Italian tiramisu and the British coffee and walnut cake. This balanced mix of flavours makes for a very delicate but distinctive cake you will want to eat again and again.

Apple cake
Something Sweet

Italian apple cake

Apple cake is the most comforting cake ever invented. The sweetness of apples paired with the soft sponge and a pinch of cinnamon feels like a warm hug on a cold day. Here is my precious family recipe for a homemade cake associated to dear childhood memories.

pizza bonci roman style

Bonci’s roman style pizza

Roman Style pizza is the best homemade pizza you can make and eat. It takes some time to prep, but a slice of this pizza is what heaven tastes like. This I follow Bonci’s method, a quite peculiar way to raise the dough: you ferment it in the fridge overnight and with no effort you get a sourdough pizza perfectly baked in a regular oven.

Chickpea schnitzel vegan

Vegan chickpea schnitzel

One of my favourite dishes growing up was schnitzel or cotoletta (its Italian equivalent). I experimented a lot in the kitchen to come up with an easy vegan version – as satisfying as the meaty one. My secret is using chickpeas in all its form…read up more below and get cooking.