Potato salad

Potato pepper salad

A comforting potato salad with peppers, spring onion, and beans…it tastes even better the day after. Make loads as everyone will love it.

The combo boiled potatoes, parsley, and vinegar is very common across Mediterranean countries, and you’ll see similar versions of the dish in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

This combo is very special to me for two reasons.

First, it reminds me of my grandma. She knew I loved it, so she made it for me every time I visited. I am a child again every time I eat it. I now love this dish and her even more as I know the care she put in the salad. Pealing the potatoes, cutting them finely and chopping the parsley is pure love.

Second, a few years ago, I made this dish for my friend Ania’s birthday who is for sure the number 1 fan of boiled baby potatoes in the entire universe. Her happy face eating it was the best reward! Forget the cakes, potato salads are the proper way to celebrate bdays.

This dish brings back so many happy memories!

As I couldn’t live on boiled potatoes and parsley only (cruel world!) I decided to add more veggies in. I wanted something crunchy and fully balanced and added peppers, spring onions and lots of beans.

It’s a very simple dish but you need to keep two things in mind:

  1. Don’t overboil the baby potatoes, this normally takes around 10 minutes. If you overboil the potatoes, they will be mushy and lose their consistency in the salad. I also advise peeling them after they have been boiled for a precise finish but careful as you can get burnt.
  2. You’ll think this is a crazy amount of vinegar, and right at that point I say: add even more! Add vinegar gradually to the salad so you are sure you like the taste but don’t be shy and use a lot. This salad is addictive for its acidic taste so you want a good vinegar’s marinade. That’s also why I advise preparing the salad the day before so all the veggies can mingle and absorb flavours overnight.

Potato pepper salad

Course: MainsDifficulty: Easy


Cooking time



A comforting potato salad with peppers, spring onion and beans…it tastes even better the day after. Make loads as everyone will love it.


  • 1 kg baby potatoes

  • 100 g spring onion

  • 3 chopped peppers

  • 400 g butterbeans

  • 70 g parsley

  • 150 g pitted and sliced black olives

  • Condiment
  • 5 spoons of apple cider vinegar

  • 2 spoons of extra-virgin olive oil

  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Boil the baby potatoes with a spoon of coarse sea salt for around 15 minutes or till you can pierce them with a fork
  • Chop the spring onions, pepper and parsley
  • Mix all the ingredients – enjoy!

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