Turmeric, lentil and ginger soup

Turmeric, lentil, and ginger soup

A simple soup to boost your immune system and warm you up from the inside. The perfect pick me up for when you are under the weather and all you want to do is lie horizontally.

I haven’t been feeling very well lately. It all started with sore throat that quickly developed in a very strong cold. Out of precaution, I immediately did a later flow test and quickly the two infamous lines appeared. Double lines mean positive Covid test.

I couldn’t believe it. I did another test straight away. Again, both double lines came back to say hello.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

The blood froze in my veins.

I immediately booked the PCR test.

Shortly after my test resulted positive, my thoughts also got back to being positive. I thought there was no escape from it now, and I felt calm in the safety of knowing the verdict. I also reminded myself that an illness doesn’t define me. I am not one more number in the statistics but still Anna, still me.

I am grateful this happened now, and not in March 2020. I don’t feel I would have coped so well then. I am grateful I am more protected with the double vaccine and that we made so much progress in the treatment.

I am now feeling better but still feeling very tired. I don’t know if this is related to covid or what, but I constantly feel dehydrated and keep drinking every minute. Has anyone else experienced something similar with covid?

I just had a shower which feels like a major achievement plus makes me feel calmer – if I need to go to the hospital at least I’ll now have clean hair.

Yeah, okay, I am still a tiny bit paranoid.

I have been looking outside the window for what has been now almost two weeks/two decades. Of course, the weather has been quite good recently with blue skies and what seems a warm sun. The trees have lost their colourful dresses by now and they all turned into sad and slim naked photo models.

I can’t wait to feel better and have a walk in the sharp late autumn air.

While I daydream, I keep cooking the same thing. Turmeric, lentil, and ginger soup with crunchy fried onions on top. Over and over. It’s so effortless and full of good stuff.

I’ve found some strength and decided to share it with you today just in case you also need it asap.

I do recommend it if you are also feeling under the weather. This soup won’t protect you or cure of covid of course, but it’s a great way to take care from within.

Ginger, garlic, turmeric, and yellow lentils mix together into a bright happy orange soup.

If you are also feeling poorly, hang in there, soon these days will be over and we’ll walk outside again, my friend.

Turmeric, lentil, and ginger soup

Course: MainsDifficulty: Easy
Resting time (lentils)


Cooking time



A simple soup to boost your immune system and warm you up from the inside. The perfect pick me up for when you are under the weather and all you want is laying horizontal.


  • 250 g Red split lentils

  • 1 medium onion

  • 3 big carrots

  • 1 medium potato

  • a thumb-sized fresh ginger

  • half a spoon of coarse sea salt

  • 1 tbsp turmeric

  • 1 l of water

  • To serve
  • Store-bought fried onions

  • Black pepper

  • Chilli oil or sesame oil if you don’t fancy a spicy kick


  • Let the lentils soak in water for at least two hours – but check the instructions on the packaging, some lentils do not require pre-soaking.
  • Chop all the veggies, potatoes last as they oxidate quickly.
  • Transfer them to a pot with lentils, half a spoon of coarse sea salt, and a spoon of ground turmeric; and cover everything with water.
  • Let the veggies simmer over low heat for 20 – 30 minutes and blend them till you have an even creamy soup.
  • Serve with black pepper, crunchy fried onions, and a few dots of chilli oil. Delicious!


  • Where to find fried onions? You can find them in any UK supermarket in the Indian aisle. If you live outside the UK, every IKEA also sells them as they are used as a topping for hot dogs in Scandinavian countries. They are so addictive and can lift any type of dish.

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