Homemade popcorns

Homemade popcorns

Popcorns are so easy and quick to make at home! Put a movie on and devour a delicious bowl of warm and crunchy popcorns.

I am addicted to popcorns and if it was for me, I’d eat them for breakfast too. In Italy we only have (or used to have) salty popcorns so when I have eaten sweet pop corns for the first time in the US, my taste buds went wow wow wow.

I can’t resist to a bowl of sweet and salty popcorns, and when they are warm just popped, they are something else. I bought lots of microwavable popcorns in my lifetime till one day my friend Inga showed me how easy they are to make from scratch.

I haven’t looked back since and today I am happily sharing a few tricks with you for no fuss homemade pop corns.

But have you chosen the movie to watch yet?

My husband Riccardo and I constantly fight over this because as you know I am the most undecided person and could change my time ten – a million times before selecting a movie. I could also change my mind ten minutes after the movie has started…yes, I am one of these annoying people. If you are also one of them (hello friend!) here is a list of things I watched and thoroughly enjoyed!

DEADLY CUTS: Despite the thick accent, I am obsessed with anything Irish at the moment and this comedy didn’t fail to deliver. Four hairdressers team up to win a competition, expect murder, blood, and lots of laughs along the way.

THE BIG SICK: A funny heartfelt romcom mixing wit and wisdom and based on the true story of Kumail (comedian, writer, and actor). Kumail and Emily fell in love but soon they have to deal with culture differences and an unexpected illness.

PARASITE: I doubt you haven’t watch it yet, but if you didn’t, do it. A black comedy thriller, a gem of South Korean cinema, that will have your eyes peeled at the screen. A struggling family takes advantage of a wealthy one in the most curious, hilarious and diabolic ways.

ELCANTO: First things first, I don’t think this is one of the best Disney movie and I found the storyline too corny and trite but I loooved the songs. So, if you are in for an easy watch, I recommend. The ‘Surface Pressure’ song is a master’s degree in psychology, and ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ will stack in your head for the months to come.

THE LOVEBIRDS: As we all need a cosy murder mystery movie and there are so few good ones coming out nowadays. A couple decides to break up when they find themselves unintentionally involved in a crazy murder.

JULIE & JULIA: As this is a food blog, I simply couldn’t quote this movie here. A biographical film with Meryl Streep telling the story of a young blogger determined to try all Julia Child’s recipes. The rest is history.

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME: I might be biased as this is set where I come from and where I got married, but this movie is poetry and you got to watch it. Elio and Oliver develop feelings for each other in a self-discovery journey.

Decided what to watch? Now you just need to get these popcorns ready!

Homemade popcorns

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Popcorns are so easy and quick to make at home! Put a movie on and devour a delicious bowl of warm and crunchy popcorns.


  • 100 g popcorn kernels

  • 2 tbsp of sunflower or coconut oil

  • To season
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup

  • As much salt as you like

  • Equipment
  • Non-stick pan


  • Heat up the oil on a large non-stick pan. Add two- three popcorn kernels and cover with a lid. Wait a few minutes until you hear them popping. This is the trick to know that your oil is warm enough. Remove the pan from the heat.
  • Add the popcorn kernels in, close with a lid and let it rest for one minute. This is a top tip to ensure all your kernels pop. Make sure not to overfill your pan, otherwise your kernels will burn. You want to fill around a third of your pan.
  • Put the pan back on the stove at medium heat, put the lid on and shake the pot a little to coat your kernels with oil. Once the kernels start popping, leave the lid slightly open to get some steam out (this will make your popcorns crispier).
  • It will now feel like a war zone with all the popcorn hitting the lid, no panic you got this. Be patient and keep the lid on until the sound slows down. Never ever leave the kitchen while you are making popcorns and watch the pan closely. If you have too many pop corns, carefully open the lid and transfer a few to a bowl. This will take from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You can season the popcorns as you like, but I divided them up in two bowls, pour maple syrup on half and salt the rest. Leave the popcorns to rest for 5 minutes (that’s incredibly difficult I know) so the maple syrup dries out and then mix the two kinds to be cinema ready. Serve immediately after.


  • Don’t use butter to pop your corns! Butter easily melts and burns. If you want them buttery, add melted butter once the pop corns are ready – I talk from experience.
  • You can go crazy with the season and try different things: pepper, paprika, parmesan cheese, rosemary, caramel, and plain sugar…just to say a few.

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