Simple and fresh salad recipes

I am not a fan of lettuce, fresh spinach, and all their own kind. I would still eat them but secretly dream of having cooked veggies for lunch instead. What about you?

There was a brief moment in my life, aged around five years old, I thought I would eventually get to like salads, but that moment actually never came. Despite the young age, I have a vague memory of me sitting at the school canteen and being begged to eat the canteen’s salad by my teacher and being told that it was either lettuce or nothing. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone and tried to eat it and I swear the gross taste of lettuce is still in my mouth. I remember thinking as a grown-up I’ll be able to eat it, I’ll be able to do anything! But with adulthood, salad’s love never came – together with buying a home and all certainties they advertise to kids.

So here I am, in the last few weeks, I have challenged myself and decided to try as many salads as possible so that even salad haters like me could enjoy fresh, easy, vegetarian, and quick meals.

I don’t want any weird past canteen’s drama to stop me from enjoying delicious veggies.

Find below my six beloved salads’ recipes, tried and tested so many times! They are flexible ideas, do feel free to adapt them to your own specific taste and what’s left in the fridge. Expect lots of happiness and colours in your plate as well as a good dose of cheating: those ain’t your traditional salads, carbs and proteins mingle with veggies in a happy summer dance.

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